Get to know other top-notch entrepreneurs and top tech talent who are about to start (or join) their next company.

On Deck is an evolving community of world class entrepreneurs who are openly—or secretly—about to start or join their next thing. The purpose of this community is to support the growth of extraordinary entrepreneurs and their next moves through intimate dinner events, an exclusive network, and high-quality content.

There’s only one rule at On Deck: everything is off the record and completely confidential.

Here's the application – the more detail you give, the more we can help (i.e. if you specify "marketplaces" as an area of interest, we can invite you to marketplace-themed dinners, among others.)

The goal is to help you find the tools and resources you need for your startup to thrive, including: potential co-founders, first hires, investors, and other job opportunities you may be interested in.

Excited to help you explore all your potential opportunities. :)

P.S. YCombinator is our first collaborative partner. If your company/firm would like to partner with On Deck, let me know!

P.P.S. Access to our newsletter is complimentary, and the exclusive network and intimate dinner events will be made available through subscription.
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Where are you planning on moving?

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What’s the most impressive thing about you or something you’ve accomplished? (Don’t be modest!)

Who’s the best entrepreneur you know that you think will start something in the next 3months-1yr?

Anything else I should know about you?

Thank you! Right now we are doing dinners in SF and NYC. Holler if you want to host in your city. Let me know if there's anything else you want me to know. I'm

P.S. A warm intro to me is super helpful.
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